Monday, February 13, 2012

A Surprising Kitchen Essential

You know what I keep in my kitchen drawer?

I am perfectly fine with a messy kitchen utensil drawer.

A balloon. Any guesses why? A balloon makes THE absolute best jar opener. Have a stuck jar lid? Grab a balloon, use it to grasp the lid, and turn. Simple, cheap, easy, and works every time! Before I discovered the balloon I would use a rubber band for this--and it worked. But it took a little time to get it wrapped around the lid properly, and you had to have a size that worked. Then one day I couldn't find a rubber band in my junk drawer and spotted a balloon. A balloon works even better!

So go go find a balloon and toss it in your kitchen drawer. I promise it will come in handy. And it will be a great conversation starter when you've got someone helping you out in the kitchen.


  1. That's a cool tip! My housekeeping service always shows me cool little things like that. Love how it makes life easier.

  2. That's really a great idea to use a balloon! I never would have thought of that on my own. My mom taught us to use a rubber band but you're right, it's hard finding the right size sometimes.
    Shelly Slader |