Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Is an Alaskan Doughnut?

Do you know what an Alaskan doughnut is?  I didn't, but I do now.

Yes, folks, that is 7 inches of golden sweet deliciousness.  I heard rumors of the giant Alaskan doughnut when we were furniture shopping in our little town yesterday.  Today is Crazy Daze, in which our town closes off it's main street for a pedestrian-friendly sidewalk shopping experience.  Restaurants get in on the fun and offer food on the street.  There fun activities and even some free live music. This town loves an excuse to have an event.  It's like a real-life Stars Hollow.  It was a beautiful day today and my husband's day off, so we ventured downtown for some lunch, had the kids walk around to burn off some energy, and began the hunt for this elusive Alaskan.

We spotted it in front of the bakery on our main street.  We chatted up the friendly workers and discovered that the Alaskan, a 60-year tradition of this bakery, appears only once a year at Crazy Daze.  In the name of tradition (of course), we paid a little over $3 and got one to go.  We split the doughnut four ways.  It was fresh, sweet, soft, and a little chewy, just as a good glazed should be.  We enjoyed the doughnut, and partaking in this local tradition,we feel a little more like genuine townies. Already I'm looking forward to next year's Alaskan!

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