Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Organizing Goals 2012 - #8 Create a Storage Solution for Kitchen Entry/Island

8. Create a Storage Solution for Kitchen Entry/Island: Sometimes I feel that if I solved this one problem area in my home, all my troubles would go away. I'm realistic enough to know that probably isn't true, but I'm really hoping to give it my best shot.  Our kitchen entry becomes a dumping ground for coats, shoes, hats, mittens, gloves, backpacks, purses, and miscellaneous stuff--a LOT of miscellaneous stuff. There are several factors contributing to this mess.
  1. This is the door my family uses 99 percent of the time.
  2. There is no closet near this door,
  3. There is a huge unused counter right next to the door.
  4. We have no storage here other than four overused coat hooks and lots of flat surfaces.
I definitely know I want to get a lower set of hooks so my daughters can start hanging up their own coats, snow pants, and backpacks. Not only will that keep them off the floor, I won't have to do it anymore (win-win!). I'm thinking some sort of storage cubbies where the little table is now (it doesn't have to stay) or even under the ledge of the counter would be great. I hope to get to IKEA soon to take a look at a shoe storage unit, beautifully used here. If the divider can be removed from the top shoe drawer, even better. I'd use that one to store backpacks. I also need a better storage for hats and mittens. And finally, I would love a rug by this door, but I haven't had any luck finding one thin enough to be able to open the door.  Even the super thin officey ones don't work. For now I have one leading from the door toward the kitchen, although it's not visible in the photos.

This is definitely one of my biggest challenges for the year. I look forward to getting started!

Ignore the dirty wall. It's leftover from two pictures I tried for years to keep hung. Every time we'd shut the door the pictures would tilt. I tried blue sticky stuff (as you can see), but it only helped a little. Finally I just took them down.

I'm always amazed that little coat rack doesn't fall off the wall.


  1. That's a tough spot because it has to serve so many purposes. I think low hooks for the girls is great idea. A few more ideas...

    -maybe a set of tiered baskets to set on top of the counter to corral all the stuff that comes out of pockets when your husband comes in. (I'm jsut assuming this is part of the mess since that's what my husband does.)

    -some sort of paper intake system could also be on the counter (trays or a pretty file box with simple labels.) You might check the Nate Berkus show archives. A few weeks back I saw an episode about clearing clutter with a great part about paper clutter.

    -mount baskets that slide out to the bottom of the counter for mittens, hats, etc.

  2. The entry way is such a key part of the home. When ours is well organized our home seems to flow so much better. It was a big deep cleaning and organizing project to get it right, but I'm so glad we did!