Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Housekeeping on the Laptop

Every couple of days I go through my e-mail, sort by the From field, and delete all those daily and weekly corporate e-mails that, at some point in the distant past, I've signed up to receive.  You know, those e-mails that mysteriously start showing up after you create an account in order to buy something wonderful, join a giveaway, or cast your vote in a critically important online poll (the blue dress, definitely the blue one!).  Or the e-mails you once enjoyed reading but haven't sparked your interest lately.  They show up as often as every day, and I delete them.  And I delete them.  And I delete them.  And I delete them.  So tonight I'm going to take 10 minutes (tops) and unsubscribe.

So goodbye Target, Menards, Hawaii Visitor's Bureau (I was wishful thinking), Fossil, and about 5 others.  I'll still visit you once in a while, but from now on it will be on my terms.

1 comment:

  1. YES!!! I HATE THAT!! FYI don't ever sign up for free baby to be stuff. There is nothing free about it. Everything is attached to filling out a survey, signing up for a "free" service (only the 1st month by the way), or a membership attachment. What a crock! I apparently signed up as someone interested in going back to school. When they call and they will( by the way never give your phone number for anything!) I tell them I hit a wrong button. They laugh and say thanks anyway. Also if you don't want to talk to magazine sales people simply tell them that you are an environmentalist and magazines are stuffing our landfills. They have no response and will hang up immediately.