Friday, May 7, 2010

The Solution to My Grease Problem?

As I was roaming around on the Internet in a few minutes of free time yesterday, I found Tide's Stain Brain site.  It's a handy little resource for finding the solutions to all sorts of stains.  Not surprisingly, they recommend Tide for everything.  But they do offer some instructions for exactly how to pre-treat specific types of stains.  They also offer tips for treating stains while on the go (and presumably away from your Tide).  More importantly, they display user-submitted advice, so you can get suggestions that don't necessarily feature Tide. A free Stain Brain iPhone app is available with the same information, useful for when you're away from home. (I hear some people do actually leave their homes once in a while.  Maybe I'll try it sometime.)

It does, indeed, have a solution to my grease stains, but I haven't had a chance yet to put it to the test.  Apparently I've been very careful lately (pats self on back).  I'll let you know how it works when the time comes.


  1. Did I tell you the trick I found for getting out dandelion stains (though I guess this is just a seasonal problem)? Lemon juice and an hour or two in the sun and the stains should be gone.

  2. Let me know the salsa secret. Too many times I've come home with Carlos O'Kelly's on my shirt, shocking I know! Especially since the girls love it and have a knack for dumping it down the front of white shirts.